Usually the the both the left and right earbuds is paired by default. However sometimes it might unpair itself or customers might accidentally unpair them.
You may try the following steps to repair the left and right earbuds.

1. Turn off bluetooth of your phone/device and make sure both earbuds are not connected to any phone/device.
2. Turn off both earbuds.
3. Wear both earbuds on.
4. Turn on the left (host) earbud, make sure to hold the on button and let go once it prompts “Power On”, do not hold for too long as it will go to individual pairing mode and look for device to connect to.
5. Turn on the right earbud after on, also make sure to let go once “Power On” prompted.
6. Double click the left (host) earbuds and right earbuds  power button together, please make sure to “double click” quickly as you would double click a mouse. These will prompt the left to look for right for pairing, you will hear a beeping sound during the connection.
7. After that, wait for 10 seconds, it will continue to beep until it prompted “Left channel connected” and “Right channel connected.

Tips: Please try several times if you cannot connect them successfully, please also make sure to double click both left and right earbuds together, waiting too long to double click the right earbuds after double clicked the left earbuds might caused connection failure.

Please contact us at if you need any further assistance.